Original Theme Songs: 12, 11

12. Law & Order

Composer: Mike Post

Fourth appearance for that guy.

11. X-Files

Composer: Mark Snow

Definitely an extra-terrestrial touch to this theme without going over the top.

2 thoughts on “Original Theme Songs: 12, 11”

  1. Thumbs up to the Law & Order theme song. For several years, reruns of the old series was playing on TNT right before we went to work (we don’t get TNT anymore with basic cable), so we’d watch the beginning long enough to listen to the theme song and see the dead body, then off to work. And I usually hate those musical greeting cards, but one day I was looking for a birthday card for John, and I found one with the Law and Order Theme song . . . sweet! I drew a dead body on the inside. :}

  2. These might be two of the best ever themes for shows that didn’t interest me at all. I suppose X-Files might have if they’d recast the two main actors.

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