81. Knight Rider

Creator: Glen A. Larson
Years: 1982-1986

Man, I thought this show was so damn cool when I was kid. A car that talks? And can POWER BOOST and SKI MODE? Talk about a kid’s fucking dream.

Unfortunately, I watched it a couple of times as an adult, and woah it was terrible. I expected cheesy dialogue, but the plots are stupid and it wasn’t near as funny or suspenseful as I remember it being. The special effects are also very dated. The one thing that’s still awesome (besides Hasselhoff’s hair) is William Daniels as the voice of KITT. He nails it. Then again, Daniels pretty much nails everything he does.

2 thoughts on “81. Knight Rider”

  1. I had a friend in school who priced out everything required to make a K.I.T.T. lookalike. He was never able to find a shiny Trans-Am to make the whole thing work, though.

    And yeah, this show is horrible, but I thought it was so kickass as a kid. I recall seeing one a few years ago where he has to race a guy on a motorocycle for whatever reason, and my God, was the action horribly directed. A supercar racing a motorcycle should be the best thing ever…the scene was SO boring.

  2. Yeah. A lot of dudes have gone back to this to recapture their youth, only to find that usually, nostalgia lies. I haven’t watched this – ever – since I loved it as a seven-year-old, because instinctively I assume that “David Hasselhoff and a talking car” is probably just about as bad as it sounds.

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