82. Highway to Heaven

Creator: Michael Landon
Years: 1984-1989

Landon plays a fallen angel (perhaps a metaphor for him losing his family man image after recently cheating on his wife with a woman half his age while doing Little House) who must do a bunch of good deeds to get back into Heaven. He pairs up with a human friend to help regular joes turn their life around. It’s like Quantum Leap, only more sappy and less fun. I remember watching it on syndication when I was a kid when I’d have the day off from school. Landon and Victor French have good chemistry, but I remember being unimpressed with the predictable and simplistic plots.

As the show got closer to its end, French’s character would often try to sabotage Landon’s good deeds because he didn’t want to lose his friend to Heaven. Perhaps ironically, French would die for reals in 1989. Landon followed him, hopefully to Heaven, two years later.

2 thoughts on “82. Highway to Heaven”

  1. Huh, a major character died during the run? I didn’t know this. Never watching it probably contributed to that fact.

    I had no idea about Landon’s misdeed. Huh.

    1. A major character died, ending the run.

      At his funeral, French had paid a plane to fly overhead with the phrase, “Eat Shit. Love, Victor.”

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