79. Dharma and Greg


Creator: Dottie Dartland, Chuck Lorre
Years: 1997-2002

Oh no! Another Chuck Lorre sitcom. This one I dislike the least, mainly because I find Jenna Elfman fun to watch. The show’s hook is a stupidly contrived situation, what with super conservative lawyer marrying yoga instructor on the first date, and now watch the shenanigans! Much less offensive than Lorre’s other comedies, but similarly not terribly funny.

3 thoughts on “79. Dharma and Greg”

  1. I think that the only episode of this show that I ever watched was the one that involved them having sex in public while everyone was watching the Seinfeld finale.

      1. That explains this show to a T. I thought it was an endearing hook, nonsensical though it is, but the show devolves into predictable network sitcom territory within minutes.

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