78. Silver Spoons

Silver Spoons Intro.jpg

Creator: Martin Cohan, Howard Leeds, Ben Starr
Years: 1982-1987

This sitcom is wholly terrible but I was so crazy in love with it when I was seven that I’m going to be kind to it. Ricky Schroeder moves in with the rich dad (he didn’t know he had) who has the heart of a child and the mansion of one as well, replete with arcade games and an enormous train set. How could a child of the 80’s not love that?

Anyway, Ricky is charming, but I can’t imagine I could stomach this now. It’s basically your typical recycled situational comedy plots with easy, lame jokes and the occasional special episode. I remember one where Alfonso Ribiero’s character turned out to have dyslexia. That wasn’t so funny.

4 thoughts on “78. Silver Spoons”

  1. Alfonso Ribeiro was on this? Huh…I only ever knew him from that one other thing.

    Of every show you’ve done, this is the one I probably remember the least. My cousins watched it, and I think I always planned on watching it, but I grew up watching Cheers with my parents and every time I tried, this kind of seemed too “kiddie” for me.

  2. A standard watch when mom and dad went out on a Friday night. We had a VCR tape with a number of episodes that we’d watch from beginning to end. I definitely remember several from this tape:
    • “Scary” Halloween story episode with Alfonso and Freddie sleepover
    • School beauty pageant (for charity?) with the girls the boys had crushes on, AKA the Corlis episode. [while presenting a contestant] “36-24-36. That’s her locker combination…”
    •Quite possibly the first show to ever tackle internet dating. Ricky and “Lady Godiva” both worry about their upcoming blind date and we get 1/2 of the show dedicated to each of their daydreams about how it goes horribly wrong.
    • A two part episode where everyone gets stranded (on an island?) after their personal plane crashes on route to their vacation together. Someone hurt pretty bad with a head wound?

    Others that may or may not have been on the tape that I remember:
    • Alfonso’s dislexyia (“Moby Dick saw a good book”)
    • Ricky and his friend/enemy played by Jason Bateman
    • Alfonso breakdancing
    • Whitney Houston guest star episode where Alfonso’s uncle has a huge crush
    • Alfonso’s uncle (or was it Ricky’s dad) getting stuck upside down on some sit-up contraption
    • Ricky finding out a bully/friend? was being physically abused by his dad

    Good memories. I’ll keep it that way by not watching this again.

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