76. ALF


Creator: Paul Fusco, Tom Patchett
Years: 1986-1990

A really goofy sitcom that has the benefit of being ridiculous enough to be amusing despite itself. ALF is voiced well by Paul Fusco and the puppeteers do a pretty good job too giving the show the slapstick it needed. Unfortunately, it’s pretty samey, and once you’ve seen a few episodes, you’ve seen them all. Perhaps the best thing to come out of the show was ALF’s appearances on Hollywood Squares. Man, I miss that game show.

2 thoughts on “76. ALF”

  1. Hollywood Squares still exists. The jokes have always been pretty wretched, though.

    ALF was an absolute phenomenon when it came out, particularly for kids of my age. I remember going into school the day after the first episode aired, and the entire class was singing “Proud Mary” because they’d used it on the show. By about halfway through the first season, I gave up as I realized it was trash and we’d seen everything they were going to give us (this would be even closer to the bottom of my own hypothetical list, I’m pretty sure). Still, we did get ALF Pogs out of it.

    1. Pogs!

      Honestly, if you took the first 25 shows I’ve covered and mix them a blender and spat them out, I’d be fine with that order, too.

      Except Two and a Half Men would still be last.

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