45. The Golden Girls

Creator: Susan Harris
Years: 1985-1992

I found this show funnier when I was younger, partly because the material was fresher, more daring back in those days. Also because old people sex jokes are funnier when you’re younger. But I still don’t mind watching this because it’s mostly charming, it dealt with a lot of sensitive hot-button issues in a graceful way, and Bea Arthur just kills it every time she’s on screen. It’s also nice to see Betty White play something other than a sex-crazed character. The naive Minnesotan gets old at times, but hey, Betty White. This could rank higher, but Estelle Getty is just terrible. A one-note, monotone character with zero funny one-liners. So, of course she was nominated for an Emmy every single year of the show.

2 thoughts on “45. The Golden Girls”

  1. Bea Arthur was dynamite, and Betty White’s always good. And yeah, even as a kid I wondered what the fuss was about with Estelle Getty. I realize now, of course, that the Emmys love one-dimensional joke machines. Between Getty and Rhea Perlman, how many deserving actresses were losing out on nominations at that point?

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