146. Fascination (3.10)

Synopsis: Ambassador Lwaxana Troi visits the station to attend the Bajoran Gratitude Festival, resulting in an outbreak of passion throughout the station as people admit their secret feelings for others.

Memory Alpha SummarySo that’s what they mean by gratitude.

Review: This might be the only Lwaxana episode where she doesn’t get a lot of screen time. It’s a fun episode from a costume and music perspective, but it’s just so been done before on Star Trek. Naked Time, Naked Now, even bits here and there earlier in Season 1.

And, I just don’t buy into the infatuation everyone has for each other here. Not to mention that these latent feelings really don’t get brought up again. Bareil’s latent feelings for Dax are especially weird, and a bit of an icky moment considering he dies shortly thereafter.

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