145. Rules of Engagement (4.18)

Synopsis: The Klingons try to extradite Worf after he accidentally destroys a transport full of Klingon civilians.

Memory Alpha Summary: Too bad Worf doesn’t get to say much about it

Review: Man, this “trial show” really doesn’t work. I appreciate the intent with trying to shake things up further for Worf who is struggling with his identity. And I don’t even really mind the scenes where character testimony is shown in cut-scenes where they talk to the camera. It’s just flat out boring.

The mystery is not all that mysterious, and the only reason why Worf and his attorney (Sisko) wins is because Odo pulls a deus ex machina out of his shapeshifting ass and finds the evidence Worf needs to exonerate him. Sisko gets his ass handed to him every step of the way in court. 

It is nice to see a Klingon (prosecutor) at least that isn’t just loud and angry all the time.

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