144. Destiny (3.15)

Synopsis: An ancient Bajoran prophecy of doom complicates the first joint Bajoran, Cardassian and Federation science mission: an attempt to establish a permanent communications link through the wormhole.

Memory Alpha SummaryThe Sisko is bored.

Review: An uncomfortable episode, as you have fairly lazy conversations about faith and religious doubt, with otherwise strong characters being easily manipulated by loose coincidences. Then, when the prophecy comes true, the characters spend a lot of time on exposition explaining how it came true. I never cared, despite some intrigue with Sisko challenging his title as Emissary.

I do like that they introduce some apolitically motivated Cardassian scientists who hold no ill will towards humans. The Cold War allegory is obvious, but fine.

One thought on “144. Destiny (3.15)”

  1. I never tire of lazy religious conversations in dramas. The married leads share one of the shittiest scenes I’ve ever witnessed in The Walking Dead season two, prattling about how to fit God in a world of zombies.

    Probably not relevant, but I think about it all the damned time.

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