137. Ties of Blood and Water (5.19)

Synopsis: Kira asks Tekeny Ghemor to come to Deep Space 9 to provide information about the Cardassian government and the revitalizing dissident movement; Gul Dukat arrives and demands Ghemor’s extradition.

Memory Alpha Summary: Family ties, you say?

Review: A sequel to “Second Skin”, but unlike that one fails miserably to evoke any intrigue or emotion. Again I think a huge part of the problem is Visitor just over emotes when she’s angry, happy, or sad. The script doesn’t do her any favors, though. I understand why she cares about Ghemor, but she treats him like he’s her actual father, and she didn’t even spend that much time with him. Additionally, the flashbacks with her real father are cliché (“Don’t go Nerys”  “I’ll be right back father!”  “Oh, he died while I left!”).

The only redeeming part of the episode was the reappearance of Jeffry Coombs as Weyoun (a genetic clone of the last one). I love how he just is content to watch with amusements the political machinations of two cultures he deems inferior.

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