71. A Time To Stand (6.1)

Synopsis: With the Dominion on track to winning the war against the Federation, Sisko and his crew take a captured Jem’Hadar ship into enemy territory with a mission to cut off the Jem’Hadar’s supply of ketracel-white in the Alpha Quadrant. 

Memory Alpha SummaryNarrator: They did!

Review: I wish the losses suffered by the Federation here would have had more impact. In The Best of Both Worlds, we see the destruction at Wolf 359 and it’s powerful. Here, the loss of 98 ships is mentioned in a conversation and it doesn’t feel as powerful.

The conversation between Sisko and his dad is pretty great. His dad asking him how with all the space in space, people just can’t agree to leave each other alone. A nice allegory to Earth today. 

Jake as reporter annoys me. I appreciate that a young reporter is going to be naive, but Jake is just so douchy.  He’s less precocious than Wesley Crusher, but not any better. 

The plot to blow up the ketracil facility had some nice tension. I’m a bit surprised the Dominion would put all of their ketracil in one place.

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