70. Captive Pursuit (1.06)

Synopsis: O’Brien helps an alien from the Gamma Quadrant as hunters descend on the station searching for their humanoid prey.

Memory Alpha SummaryThe die is caste

Review: Similar themes to The Hunted from TNG, Captive Pursuit explores pretty well the dilemma of what to do with a member of another species that finds value in its members not being equal. Of course, we don’t even learn about this dilemma until there’s about 15 minutes left in the episode, so the first two-thirds are only vaguely interesting as we learn about our first Gamma Quadrant species. 

The episode is carried by O’Brien, who utilizes one of the better TNG tropes of directly disobeying a commanding officer’s order only to get tacit approval for doing so. A very solid final fifteen minutes


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