72. Little Green Men

Synopsis: A malfunction on Quark’s new ship causes Quark, Rom, and Nog to crash in the year 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico.

Memory Alpha SummaryFunnier than when Voyager found Amelia Earhart

Review: Oh, another joke for Morn, as he gets to take over the bar while Quark and Rom are away.

One of the better Ferengi episodes, as we see the family have to problem-solve together and not act so over-the-top every minute. The plot itself is over-the-top, an homage to 50’s B-movies, as we see the aliens that landed in Roswell are indeed Ferengi. Every character is hammy to the extreme, reminiscent of The Royale from TNG.  The highlights are the scene where the universal translators aren’t working yet and everyone’s just banging their heads, as well as the scene where Nog convinces the nurse to continually rub his ears. In front of his dad and uncle!

The criticism of tobacco and atomic weapons is a little on-the-nose, though done much better than in the early seasons of TNG. I think it works better here because the criticism is done by Ferengi, who for all their weird customs, are utterly baffled that anyone would intentionally poison their bodies with nicotine or radiation. 

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