48. Looking for par’Mach in All the Wrong Places (5.03)

Synopsis: Worf helps Quark woo Grilka, his Klingon ex-wife.

Memory Alpha Summary: Hercules and Cyrano

Review: Morn! Not only do we get to see him using his finger to lick every last drop of alcohol from his glass like it’s his last one, we get to see Worf just throw him across the room to attract a female. Man, that never gets old. 

Overall, a solid comedy episode with three plots about romance that all work well with their respective stories. Worf helping out Quark like Cyrano de Bergerac is great for Worf’s character and further deepens Dax’s attraction to him. I love that Dax and Worf get together. It makes sense for both their characters and it’s nice to see both of them a bit more settled.

The situation between Kira and O’Brien is…uncomfortable. I appreciate that they address the real potential issues that would come with Kira living with O’Brien, and their attraction to one another is realistic. However, Keiko is preposterous with how much she pushes her husband towards Kira. She practically begs him to massage her, even when Kira protests. And then begs him to spend three days with her on the planet alone. I get that Keiko trusts her husband, but it’s a bit over the top.  

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