47. Change of Heart (6.16)

Synopsis: On a mission to recover a Federation informant on the Dominion world of Soukara, Dax is injured and Worf must choose between completing the mission or saving his wife. Meanwhile, O’Brien enlists Bashir’s help to defeat Quark in a game of tongo.

Memory Alpha Summary: No need for Klingon love poetry

Review: Finally, an episode that really explores Dax’s and Worf’s relationship.  Their exchange in the runabout at the beginning is just delightful as Worf explores his sense of humor.  And we get to see their actual bonding and not just the constant foreplay we’ve been privy to. 

The plot itself was dragged out a bit and the subplot with Bashir and O’Brien trying to beat Quark at gambling was dry, which hurt the middle quite a bit.

But I’m just a sucker for the ending. I’ve watched it twice and now have cried twice. Worf’s declaration of love for Dax just slays me and I truly believe these two characters are in love.

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