25. Rejoined (4.06)

Synopsis: Dax is reunited with the Kahn symbiont, a wife of one of her previous hosts, and must decide whether or not to ignore Trill taboo and continue their relationship.

Memory Alpha Summary: They don’t

Review: Now this is what The Outcast wasn’t. If this aired today it probably wouldn’t be a big deal, but in 1995 showing two women kiss on prime time television was scandalous. What I love about this episode is that not for one second is the story a token to same-sex relationships (especially since for Trills sexuality is extremely fluid), but rather an aristocratic taboo specific to Trill culture. Nobody in this future even blinks at the fact that Jadzia is in love with this person who identifies as female. All they care about is her happiness. Even living in a world now where gay marriage is legal it’s still a refreshing episode.

More than that, the writers don’t resort to anything Hollywood here. They easily could have chickened out of the moral dilemma and allowed Jadzia’s love interest to die, but they didn’t. They had a real person make a real choice. This is the episode that Meridian couldn’t be. They even got a damn cool special effect with Jadzia walking on an inclined force field. 

One nitpick: Jadzia said at one point, “Curzon would be horrified to know I’m a scientist.” Um…he does know. He found out just a few episodes ago, remember?” I wonder if this is a case of this script being written before that one had been finished, and they didn’t know which order they’d shoot in, and nobody caught it in editing. 

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