163. Meridian (3.08)

Synopsis: Jadzia falls in love with a scientist on a planet whose inhabitants shift between this universe and a plane of pure energy, re-emerging every sixty years. Back on DS9, Quark tries to obtain a holo-image of Major Kira for an erotic holosuite program for a wealthy patron.

Memory Alpha Summary: Needed a bigger budget, and a better inspiration

Review: A really gross, pointlessly contrived episode (based on Brigadoon) that sees Dax do the Trekky fall in love in a matter of minutes routine, but because she can’t leave the show, find a reason for her to stay on Deep Space Nine anyway.

It starts out suspiciously, as Sisko says they are traveling into the Gamma Quadrant despite the Dominion threat, all because he convinced his supervisors they should do so. That’s it?  You just said it was a good idea to go on scientific missions and they said sure?  

That could have been forgiven, but Meridian adds nothing to the series. While Dax definitely gets around, the show establishes before and after this episode that she’s not the type to get twitterpated. And the guy she falls for is so devoid of personality that their romance does nothing for me. It all culminates in possibly the worst line spoken in the series: “then we go back to your room and count each other’s spots.”

Oh, and Quark is trying to sexually assault Kira by stealing her likeness for customers to fuck in the holosuite. To be clear, this is also played for comedy. We’re two for two!

2 thoughts on “163. Meridian (3.08)”

  1. Imagine, something based on Brigadoon being terrible…

    I remember this one vaguely. I don’t remember if I got how problematic it was. I likely did; I didn’t like Quark at the time so I’m sure this turned me off completely.

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