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Quest For Glory I: So You Want To Be A Hero

Publisher: Sierra
Developer: Sierra
Year: 1992
Platform: DOS, Mac

Rating: 5

Mostly a beat-by-beat remake of the original game Hero’s Quest (changed due to copyright infringement), Quest For Glory I updated the graphics and sound to match Sierra’s SCI engine at the time. While it’s easier to play, it also lost some of the charm in the conversion.

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Conquests Of Camelot: The Search For The Grail

Publisher: Sierra
Developer: Sierra
Year: 1990
Platform: Windows, DOS, Amiga, Atari ST

Rating: 3

A well-researched labor of love by Christy Marx, Conquests of Camelot takes a fantasy world a lot more seriously than does King’s Quest. While in many ways a nice break from the usual Sierra adventure fare, it unfortunately bit off more than it could chew and is a mess on many levels.

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King’s Quest IV: The Perils Of Rosella Retold

Publisher: Freeware
Developer: DrSlash
Year: 2021
Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac

Rating: 8

Fan-made remakes of games tend to focus on aesthetic improvements such as updated graphics and sound. DrSlash decided that King’s Quest IV was gorgeous just the way it was (and they would be correct) and left all that alone. Instead this version tries to modernize the game play to appeal to younger gamers. The experiment is mostly successful.

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She Sees Red

Publisher: RhinoTales
Developer: RhinoTales
Year: 2019
Platform: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Switch, Xbox One,

Rating: 5

Following the release of the interactive episode Bandersnatch by the Black Mirror folks, there’s been several copycats, including a similar episode of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt as well as Minecraft: Story Mode. Naturally, this was also a vehicle ripe for plucking by the video game industry as well. While the structure of CYOA is limiting as far as gameplay, She Sees Red is a fun if sometimes confusing ride.

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1. Purgatory’s Shadow/By Inferno’s Light (5.14, 5.15)

Synopsis: Garak and Worf investigate a message which suggests that Cardassian spymaster Enabran Tain is still alive. Upon their arrival, not only do they find Tain, but also General Martok… and someone they did not expect. The crew tries to defend the Alpha Quadrant from the invading Dominion fleet; Worf, Garak, and the other prisoners prepare to escape from the Dominion Internment Camp.

Memory Alpha SummaryGot it Done

Dax: [of the Dominion ships] There sure are a lot of them.
Kira: That’ll just make it harder for us to miss

Oh boy have they been building up to this two-parter, and it’s glorious from start to finish. That Tain is Garak’s father makes perfect sense and puts together a lot of pieces from previous episodes. But beyond that convenient resolution, there’s just so much character development here. Worf finally gets to kick some ass, beating up one Jem’Hadar soldier after another. In fact, it makes you wonder why he was so useless on the Enterprise. But most importantly, Gul Dukat does a heel turn and becomes the ultra villain he’s been teasing at for years, becoming the Hitler to the evil succubus of the Dominion. Oh, and Gowron is now back on the Federation’s side again?  Oh man, I just love every twist and turn here. I was never that comfortable with Gowron’s sudden turn against the Federation given how much he owed to the Federation for his ascension in the first place. This feels right. 

The only criticism, and it’s mild, is that Julian being a Changeling on DS9 feels a bit too much like they forced it in there, especially since they really didn’t drop any hints in the past couple episodes. Apparently, the writers were afraid to drop hints, but it would have been more satisfying if they had. 

And that’s a wrap. Hopefully the few of you who followed along enjoyed reading this.

2. Duet (1.19)

Synopsis: After a Cardassian man arrives on the station suffering from an illness that he could only have contracted at a Bajoran labor camp during the Occupation. Major Kira leads an investigation to determine whether he is actually a notorious war criminal.

Memory Alpha SummaryThe screaming of the lambs

Review: It only took sixteen episodes, but Gul Dukat finally comes back to play. Unfortunately, Garak is nowhere in sight, given a disappointing singular episode in season one. The star of this episode, though, is another Cardassian. A marvelous performance by Harris Yulin as the personality changing prisoner. I was caught a bit off guard by the ending, which is quite powerful.

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3. Whispers (2.14)

Synopsis: Upon returning from a mission to the Parada system, O’Brien begins to notice the crew acting strange around him and suspects there may be some unknown influence at work.

Memory Alpha SummaryThey forgot the Voight-Kampff test

Review: Our final installment of O’Brien Must Suffer, or rather, his replicant must suffer here. What a brilliant concept, seeing an entire episode through the eyes of a replicant that doesn’t know he’s a replicant. What appears to be a generic conspiracy plot turns out to be that much deeper. We also get a fun chase scene to end it. 

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4. The Search (3.01, 3.02)

Synopsis: Sisko takes an untested Starfleet warship into the Gamma Quadrant in an attempt to find the Founders of the Dominion. On his homeworld, Odo learns about his people while back on the station, Sisko discovers that the price the Federation is willing to pay for peace with the Dominion may be too high; The Founders learn that the only way they are going to take over the Alpha Quadrant is through war.

Memory Alpha SummaryDS9’s version of Q Who

Review: Another episode that shows how much better the writing is on DS9 versus TNG. Allowing use of a warship and a cloak makes perfect sense, given the Federation’s apparent weaknesses in firepower compared to nearly every major race in the Alpha and Gamma quadrant. It also gives the special effects people more fun and makes space battles in the show more tense. I wish they had been able to keep the Romulan T’Rul on board the Defiant, as a Romulan character whose motivation isn’t solely “destroy the Federation” would have been nice.

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5. The Way Of The Warrior (4.01, 4.02)

Synopsis: When a Klingon fleet under General Martok arrives at the station ostensibly to protect the Alpha Quadrant from the Dominion, Sisko recruits Lieutenant Commander Worf to discover the Klingons’ true intentions.

Memory Alpha SummaryMichael Dorn finally gets to have fun

Review: After sputtering to the finish line in season 3, DS9 needed to make a statement in season 4. And they produced the goddamn Gettysburg address. This episode could have easily been “The show where they brought back Worf,” but it transcends that to be one of the best episodes of the series. 

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