10. Chimera (7.14)

Synopsis: Odo meets another of the hundred Changelings who were sent out to explore the galaxy.

Memory Alpha SummaryMove over Kama Sutra

Review: The episode I didn’t know I was missing, the writers finally delve into how fucking hard it would be for a biped to be a mate with a metamorph.  And they knock it out of the park.  Laas is perfect as the Changeling who can tempt Odo as he’s not associated with the Founders, which is all to set up the incredible drama between Odo and Kira as they realize their relationship has issues.

So much of this just felt real: Kira getting jealous of Odo linking with Laas, feeling like she can’t be everything he needs; Odo yearning for a life he gave up; Kira showing her love by letting Odo go; Odo returning that love by staying.  But what made me cry was the final scene, where Kira apologizes for making Odo feel like he can’t be himself, and he morphs into a gas and envelops her with his essence. Such a beautiful moment that science fiction was made for and what Trek is all about.  

A couple of other moments that stood out: Quark mentioning Laas’s pride demonstration on the promenade, drawing an allegory of course to gay people.  Subtle, nice touch.  And then the moment where Worf defends the justice system that won’t give Laas a fair shot because he’s different.  I wonder how that was for Michael Dorn, a black man, to do that scene.  Or, really, years and years of scenes where he has to play a vicious animal-like race that is composed of only of black people.  I’m glad he got to be on DS9 where they make the Klingons more realistic.

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