11. Necessary Evil (2.08)

Synopsis: An attempt on Quark’s life re-opens a five-year-old murder investigation.

Memory Alpha Summary:  And not shrug emoji you’d expect

Review: A brilliant episode in nearly every way. Odo’s narration deepens his character and sets up the flashbacks very well. We learn more about what DS9 was like when the Cardassians ran it. We get to see how Odo became security in the first place. And then we get the bomb drop, which is that Kira murdered somebody and has been withholding that info for years. Of course, it was a time of war, so it’s not exactly murder; yet, Kira has been hiding that info, which implies that in her mind, it was more than just a casualty of war. The deeper relationship between Odo and Kira gets its start here.

One thing that bothers me is that we hear Kira call Odo constable during the flashback. Earlier in the series, Odo complains to Sisko that he hates that nickname. Yet, later we learn that Odo feels closer to Kira than anyone else on the station. That doesn’t preclude him hating that nickname, but you’d think he’d have some affection for a nickname that Kira gave him.

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