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Muncher Friends

We’ll be back next weekend with a Trek video game review.  Today I want to give a shout out to some friends of this site.  I’m adding a Links tab as well.

Casa De Leche:  Run by one of my close friends, Kelly Wells, a screenwriter and actor.  The site is mostly devoted to his writing game in the style of Survivor, which I also blog about here.  He also hosts intensely run games of Werewolf.

The Almighty Guru:  Run by another good friend, Dean Tersigni.  While the main page is him mostly bitching about the world, there are some fun pages along the left hand column, including video game reviews, hacking guides, and a comic strip he created called the Blasphemer’s Bible.

Dauntless Media:  Run by Samuel Walters, this site has the most comprehensive reviews of the first three Star Trek series on the world wide web.  The link takes you to the TNG page, but don’t miss out on the rest of his site.  He has rated and written reviews of many, many television series, movies, soundtracks, and books.  Not surprisingly, he is also a published author.

The Flying Omelette:  This video game site has been around a very long time.  The lady who runs it has played video games at a rate I could only aspire to.  The site is filled with shrines, reviews, and humorous articles, mostly about the NES.

Nibbishment: A personal blog by friend Peter Bruzek.  The Top 50 Video Games and Top 50 Video Game Moments keep me coming back.

Survivor Archives: Vague Classified Ad

This was probably my favorite challenge of season six, and it was also one of my better weeks as well.

You’ll do two classified ads of 100 words or less each:

1. An ad searching for an embalmer or undertaker.
2. An ad searching for someone to work – at any job – in a porn shop.

Both should make the job look enticing and be able to generate interest, though neither should come out and actually say what the seeker is truly seeking.

I decided to join the .jpg rage that was going on that season and created the following:

Unfortunately, these were judged by two separate judges, so they didn’t actually get to see the fact that I was able to use the same last line for both.

Survivor Archives: Book Jacket

Our challenge was to create a book jacket for either the Sears Catalog, the Dictionary, or The Bible.  I tackled the dictionary.  In doing so, I also tackled Noah Webster, who was religiously conservative (especially later in life) and felt education was worthless without Christianity.

 Chris·ti·an·i·ty /ˌkrɪstʃiˈænɪti/ [kris-chee-an-uh-tee] –noun, plural –ties.
1. The most important word in this book.
2. What makes America and all other potential nations great.
3. The religion.

Inside An American Dictionary of the English Language you will find thirteen additional definitions for the above word, not to mention scores of inspirational terms and phrases grounded in the Scripture. Do you confuse important words like Ark with arc? Have you ever wanted to learn how to properly use “pestilence” during witnessing? Or do you simply forget how to spell Ecclesiastics? Well, look no further as Noah Webster has provided a guide to answer all these questions (and more!) that regularly haunt heretical young minds.

More original than the work of Joseph Emerson Worcester and more righteous than that secular book by Samuel Johnson, Noah Webster is a beacon of light for all sheep who long to develop their spirit along with their language. So open up and immerse yourself in the words* first breathed out by God.

*Also included: newer words!

Worcester and Johnson also published dictionaries if it wasn’t obvious already.

Other than the asterisk joke at the end, I’m not a big fan of this.  The tone is a bit obvious and the jokes not biting enough.  Still, I’m not embarrassed by it.  I neither received a score nor a critique from the judges, but needless to say I did not win immunity that week.

Survivor Archives: Fiction 59

I won’t be creating a Survivor page for season six as not all of the challenges would translate well (e.g. caption contest) to this blog.   But now would seem the appropriate time to post the two other 59-word stories I have done in the past.   The first was completed for season six, and the other I did while as a judge, just for fun.

Arthur was a rock.

Metaphorically? No, Arthur was a pussy. The other rocks said so. He strove to rise above the label. But it was no use.

Tuesday, a man took Arthur. Soon, he adorned a lady’s finger. For the next fifty years, Arthur would hone his sense of irony, helping one man gain what he hoped to lose.


One day, a young black man with a checkered past decided to conquer his demons. Taking two steps forward, he began his journey on the straight and narrow. Sadly, his path was frequently blocked by his white peers. But with support from his extended family, he marched on. Suddenly, from the corner of his eye, he found salvation. Checkmate.

Spooky judged both and wound giving me a score of 4 on both.  So that now makes me four for four on scores of four.  Wherefore?  I want more!


The second one is clever but more or less a huge groaner.  I’m still quite proud of the first one.