10. Chimera (7.14)

Synopsis: Odo meets another of the hundred Changelings who were sent out to explore the galaxy.

Memory Alpha SummaryMove over Kama Sutra

Review: The episode I didn’t know I was missing, the writers finally delve into how fucking hard it would be for a biped to be a mate with a metamorph.  And they knock it out of the park.  Laas is perfect as the Changeling who can tempt Odo as he’s not associated with the Founders, which is all to set up the incredible drama between Odo and Kira as they realize their relationship has issues.

So much of this just felt real: Kira getting jealous of Odo linking with Laas, feeling like she can’t be everything he needs; Odo yearning for a life he gave up; Kira showing her love by letting Odo go; Odo returning that love by staying.  But what made me cry was the final scene, where Kira apologizes for making Odo feel like he can’t be himself, and he morphs into a gas and envelops her with his essence. Such a beautiful moment that science fiction was made for and what Trek is all about.  

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11. Necessary Evil (2.08)

Synopsis: An attempt on Quark’s life re-opens a five-year-old murder investigation.

Memory Alpha Summary:  And not shrug emoji you’d expect

Review: A brilliant episode in nearly every way. Odo’s narration deepens his character and sets up the flashbacks very well. We learn more about what DS9 was like when the Cardassians ran it. We get to see how Odo became security in the first place. And then we get the bomb drop, which is that Kira murdered somebody and has been withholding that info for years. Of course, it was a time of war, so it’s not exactly murder; yet, Kira has been hiding that info, which implies that in her mind, it was more than just a casualty of war. The deeper relationship between Odo and Kira gets its start here.

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12. The Forsaken (1.17)

Synopsis: An alien computer program wreaks havoc with the station’s systems during a visit from Lwaxana Troi and other ambassadors.

Memory Alpha SummaryAlmost makes up for “Cost of Living”

Review: When I first saw this episode, I was terrified that Lwaxana Troi was back. But holy hell, her character can work if written correctly. Her time with Odo on the turbolift is fantastic TV. We learn a great deal about Odo’s personality, and for the first time, see him in a weak moment. And, for the first time, we see Lwaxana in a moment of strength, proving why she may have had the skills to become an ambassador despite her general obnoxiousness. 

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13. Second Skin (3.05)

Synopsis: Kira is kidnapped by the Cardassians, who try to convince her that she is really one of them.

Memory Alpha SummaryHey, she isn’t!

Review: Yet another mystery that involves the Cardassians, and once again they knock it out of the park. That Nerys may be a Cardassian who was a plant and doesn’t know it is a brilliant idea reminiscent of a Philip K. Dick story (in fact, Dick’s stories were an inspiration). Everyone is not who they seem in this episode, including Odo as a backpack. Garak’s character somehow gains even new heights of intrigue, as he’s no longer just a possible spy, he also shows he could be dangerous to his friends on DS9. 

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14. Tacking Into The Wind (7.22)

Synopsis: Gowron begins reckless attacks against the Dominion; Kira and the Cardassians plot to steal a Breen weapon.

Memory Alpha SummaryKlingons do not remain stubborn forever

Review: ,Now this was the season 7 episode I was waiting for.  Even though there’s not much here that isn’t predictable, it all feels right and a nice change of pace from “business as usual” Star Trek.  Watching Damar’s struggle with his new role for the Cardassian people is awesome and leaving the viewer with hope that a mortal enemy for decades might just be willing to trust is a great journey.  When the Klingons joined with the Federation, it happened off-screen prior to the timeline of TNG.  Here we get to see it in action, which is much preferable.  

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15. Civil Defense (3.07)

Synopsis: Sisko, Jake, and O’Brien accidentally trigger an old Cardassian security system that believes the Occupation is still going on and the station has been taken in a Bajoran workers’ rebellion.

Memory Alpha SummaryI’m sorry Dave, I can’t do that.

Review: Reminiscent of Disaster, but way more fun as it feels less contrived. Plus, you know, Garak and Dukat show up and have a spat. There’s something so haunting about the automated defense system of the space station as the crew feels increasingly helpless to stop it. Every time they think they are getting close to disabling the security system, they are set back. The climax of this episode is when Dukat arrives, and then tries to leave, but the security system assumes he’s running away from his post and keeps him there as well.

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16. Visionary (3.17)

Synopsis: After receiving a minor dose of radiation poisoning, O’Brien inexplicably begins experiencing a series of jumps into the near future. Meanwhile, a Romulan delegation arrives on the station, expecting an intelligence report on the Dominion.

Memory Alpha SummaryBack From The Future

Review: I love most episodes that involve time travel, and this one has a unique twist I’ve never seen before (jumping into the future a short time, interacting with that environment, then jumping back with new info).  It requires a ton of technobabble to make it work, and it barely squeaks by. Colm Meaney helps a great deal as it’s easy to connect with his struggle. There’s one joke “I hate temporal mechanics,” that is used to explain away the obvious paradoxes. It’s lame, but at least it acknowledges how confusing things get. The ride is really fun so I forgave it pretty easily. 

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17. The Quickening (4.24)

Synopsis: Dr. Bashir works to rid a planet of a plague that was sent by the Dominion as punishment for resistance.

Memory Alpha SummaryThe Reviewining

Review: With DS9 I tend to prefer the episodes that are part of larger story arcs, but this is a one-off that I’m particularly fond of. The main crux of the story, that Federation peeps find an epidemic on a new planet, has been done many times before in one way or the other. However, this might be the first time I haven’t been annoyed by trumped up moralism or deus ex machina cures. 

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18. Hard Time (4.19)

Synopsis: Convicted of espionage, Miles O’Brien is given the memories of twenty years in prison in a matter of hours. Returning to Deep Space 9, O’Brien finds he cannot shrug the memory of his awful experience or rid himself of the guilt he feels over the death of his cellmate.

Memory Alpha SummaryThe apex of O’Brien suffering

Review: Pretty much any episode that features Colm Meaney is off to a strong start and this is no exception, especially because he suffers more than usual, up to contemplating suicide. There are so many things they did right with this story.

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