160: Aquiel (6.13)

Synopsis:  Since holodeck dating didn’t work, Geordi tries his hand at reading the intimate diaries of murder suspects.

Memory Alpha Summary:  Get your voyeurism fix

Review:   My word.  Not only do we have Geordi (in season six, no less) acting extremely unethical at every turn because a girl finally likes him, he is more or less absolved by all of his actions at the end because the real killer turns out to be the dog (since, of course, humans don’t murder anyone in the 24th century).  But the real offense comes when the script ignores the fact that Aquiel’s actions following the murder (including evading arrest and destroying evidence) are still indefensible!  She should still get a court martial…and heck, Geordi should, too, for tampering with an investigation.  This episode’s moderately intelligent mystery just winds up being gross.

2 thoughts on “160: Aquiel (6.13)”

  1. Much like episodes featuring young Wes, we could probably group all Geordi “romantic” episodes and put them towards the bottom. He was just offensively bad with women.

    1. the nice thing is that most of the Geordi romantic episodes had another story running simultaneously. Many of the young Wes episodes do as well, but many of those episodes are bad for more reasons than just him. Speaking of which, I swear there will be more mentions of him in the near future.

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