158: Birthright (6.16 + 6.17)

Synopsis:  Data dreams, Worf screams

Memory Alpha Summary:  Nightmares and Dreamscapes

Review:  The worst two-parter during the series run, Birthright is a little bit of bad, but mostly boring, from beginning to end.  We visit Deep Space Nine, presumably to help integrate fans.  Except for a rather banal cameo by Dr. Bashir, you hardly know they even visited.  Data has some dreams which are kind of trippy, but there’s little emotional resonance with the experience and the subplot is completely dropped for part two.  It really does seem like filler.  Then you get Worf, who rants and raves like a stupid Klingon until Troi reminds him of the many contradictions inherent in Klingon culture.  We wait in anticipation for Worf finding his suddenly alive father…but wait, he’s dead, just like we thought all along.   Then when he finds out Romulans and Klingons dare live in peace somewhere, every racist thought he has ever had comes out in full force.  Just a few episodes ago, we had Picard telling a Cardassian that teaching young ones to hate others will only breed more hate, and Worf spends a good deal of time trying to convince these Klingons to hate Romulans, just because they are.  He slightly redeems himself by the end, but I just tire of how immature the writers make Worf seem every time an episode is about him.  His character at times reminds me of {edit: King of Queens}, where so many episodes involve him being a pompous ass for twenty minutes then making things all better at the end.  Worf should have his faults, but his character should grow as well.

While in many respects Birthright isn’t as bad as some of the episodes coming up, it’s twice as long so I hate it twice as much.

5 thoughts on “158: Birthright (6.16 + 6.17)”

    1. Indeed. Also, perhaps because there is so much awesomeness in the later seasons, the bad episodes feel even worse than they are. Still, the thought of having to sit through this episode again makes me shudder. I’d be happy if I never did again.

      1. This one would definitely go in my lower half, but I’d be kinder towards it. Probably the lowest of the 2-parters still. Or one of the two lowest.

  1. His character at times reminds me of Frasier Crane, where so many episodes involve him being a pompous ass for twenty minutes then making things all better at the end.

    That’s really not how Frasier goes, from one who’s seen the entire series from beginning to end several times. But you didn’t listen to me the first time I told you this, so….

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