152: The High Ground (3.12)

Synopsis:  Crusher plays Patty Hearst.  And terrorists are bad m’kay?

Memory Alpha Summary: The end of terrorism is when the first person stops writing awful television

Review:  If you thought the preaching in season one was hard to swallow, I think this episode puts that entire season to shame.  What we have here is a lot of righteous dialogue on both sides of a terrorist movement that doesn’t say anything new about the topic and just leaves the viewer feeling like the 24th century will be just as icky as the 20th.  I do like the twist of Picard and his crew unwittingly being oppressors, but since we are never really convinced that the terrorists’ cause is just, it’s hard to be sympathetic.

What this episode does successfully is show the first of 843 times Beverly begins to tell Picard her deep, moist feelings for him before she is conveniently cut off.  Like Geordi’s fumbling with women and Data’s infinite thesaurus, it never gets old.

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