145: The Dauphin (2.10)

Synopsis:  Wesley almost gets lucky with a shapeshifter and then gets pissy about it.

Memory Alpha Summary: Duck!

Review:  This one is so bad it’s funny.  It starts out with a bang as Geordi gives Wesley the rest of the day off because he’s horny.  Then Wesley asks Geordi for girl advice(!).  Then Worf lets Wesley know that during the Klingon courting process, dudes read love poetry and ladies throw things.  Data relates mating to the histocompatibility complex of the cell membranes.

Then Wes makes his move.  He selfishly asks Salia to stay with him even though she is on her way to save millions of people from death.  Of course, it’s only because he fell in love in the span of about two days.  And then after he throws a temper tantrum when he finds out Salia is not humanoid, he brings her chocolate beans and tells her she now has a “taste to remember me by.”  Ewwww!

There were two non-silly highlights.  Riker and Guinan flirting hardcore in front of Wesley was grin-worthy and Guinan giving non-condescending advice to Wesley about love was a nice touch.

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