135: Suspicions (6.22)

Synopsis:  Beverly does stupid things because of corona, and not the beer.

Memory Alpha Summary:  In an episode about Beverly, Ogawa gets the memorable quote.

Review:  Man, this episode could have been awesome.  The sixty second teaser is spot on.  We haven’t had a true Beverly episode since Remember Me and I was hoping for a fun mystery.  But it’s executed with the precision of Dr. Zoidberg.

First, we have Beverly doing  a narration for Guinan’s sake for the first half of the episode that just does not work.  It does not feel at all like Beverly is talking to Guinan, but rather home viewers on a bad children’s program.

Second, the ending is insulting as hell, even more so than Aquiel’s ending.  Crusher violates medical ethics and risks causing an incident between the Federation and the Ferengi because she does an autopsy against the family’s wishes when she has no evidence that a murder even took place.  The autopsy isn’t helpful in the slightest.  Naturally, she is facing a hearing.  She then does an unauthorized investigation, risks her life and a perfectly good shuttle craft as well, gets lucky, and solves the case.  Somehow, by episode’s end, she has been absolved of her unethical behavior and is reinstated as ship’s doctor.  What the fuck?  Solving the crime still doesn’t absolve her from desecrating the corpse of the Ferengi in the first place, especially since it wasn’t required to solve the mystery!

Bleck.  And what a waste of Guinan’s final episode.

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