108: The Child (2.01)

Synopsis: The Enterprise has to freight a deadly plague while Troi gets knocked up by an energy force (no, not Worf).

Memory Alpha Summary:  Better than the movie Jack

Review:  I love the opening moments of this episode.  The music is triumphant, like “Yeah, we sucked in season one, but we’re back!”  (Like the Romulans).  We also have the promotion of Geordi to chief engineer and Dr. Pulaski making her one-year tour of duty.  I think both developments were great.  Muldaur is a better actress than Gates, and she actually has a personality.  She reminds me of Bones in that he had irrational distrust of Vulcans, while Pulaski shares the same distrust of androids (they also both hate transporters).  As for Geordi, I’m glad he’s no longer on the conn.  He acted like a ten-year old kid pretending to be a cowboy and had no reason to be important other than his visual acuity.  As chief engineer, he eventually grew confidence and felt like he belonged with the bridge crew.

As for this episode, it takes another chance and broaches abortion, though unfortunately in a rather over-the-top manner.  Worf, of course, wants to kill everything, so he recommends Troi abort her baby.  Sirtis actually plays this role fairly well, even if I will never be convinced by her crying.

Data does a fantastic job at handling Pulaski’s prejudice, especially when she calls him Dah-ta.  “One is my name.  The other is not.”  I have felt this way many times when people butcher my name.

Picard:  “I’ve never played with puppies.”  Really?  Wow.

I almost forgot to mention that Riker now has a beard (great move) and we have another new character in Guinan.  She winds up giving a lot of sound advice to the crew over the seasons.  And it’s a good thing because in this episode she convinces Wesley not to leave.  Whoops!

An okay episode, which could have been pretty good if Sirtis was better.

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