81: The Nth Degree (4.19)

Synopsis: Barclay’s fantasies come true, even the gross ones.

Memory Alpha Summary: No word if he can beat Data Troi at chess.

Review:  Barclay’s transformation into a supremely intelligent being is quite fun to watch as Schultz is an awesome actor.  His arguments with the computer (because the computer isn’t smart enough) are great science-fiction.  I was also impressed with Troi for turning down Barclay’s romancing in a professional manner…and then later she says “fuck ethics” and goes on a date with him anyway.  Ugh.

The other thing that bothers me is that Barclay shows at the end, despite the return of his IQ to normal, that he has retained grandmaster chess intelligence.  If he can retain memories from his time as the supreme being, why can’t he remember how to make the Enterprise travel beyond warp?  Even if it can be explained, I am further annoyed by the fact that none of the amazing science the Enterprise takes back with them is ever mentioned again.

2 thoughts on “81: The Nth Degree (4.19)”

  1. This is another one of those episodes I saw once, a long time ago, and have been wanting to see again since. But not enough to go out and actually see it.

  2. I always loved this episode. It’s probably top twenty for me. The payoff is fun, and watching Barclay surpass the computer is great.

    I do wish they had done something with even a little piece of the tech Barclay had found. This episode would’ve been a great way to introduce some new technology, no mater how minor.

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