74: Power Play (5.15)

Synopsis:  Troi uses her bizarre half-Betazoid power of sensing life on planet surfaces to get the entire crew in serious shit.

Memory Alpha Summary:  It turns out taking hostages is an effective tool for terrorists.

Review:  Hooray for seatbelts!  They save the lives of the landing party and teach kids a valuable lesson.

It must have been great fun for the three possessed actors here to play evil characters, especially Spiner, who rarely gets to use emotion.  Even better, he didn’t remind me of Lore.  Sirtis is always more entertaining when she’s pissed, too.  A little on the long side with too much talking, but an inoffensive, fun episode anyway.  Data and Worf’s interactions were the best.  “Your restraint was most remarkable.”  The script could have used similar restraint.

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