55: Descent (6.26, 7.01)

Synopsis:  We are Lore.  Resistance is futile.

Memory Alpha Summary:  Didn’t quite affect my emotion chip

Review:  The second Borg cliffhanger doesn’t compare to the first one, but it’s solid in many ways.  It’s the last time we see both the Borg and Lore on TNG, and it does not feel contrived at all.

I’m annoyed when Data misremembers something, like the emotion of laughter Q gave him during season one, but eh.  I’m not annoyed when Picard gets annoyed at the false alarms sent out by outposts.  He’s great at being indignant.

“Doesn’t it seem strange that the Enterprise was the closest ship during each Borg attack?”  No, no it doesn’t.  The Enterprise is always closest.  Haven’t you learned anything in seven years?

I love scenes where Data impersonates other voices.  I wish he had done it more often.

The cadeon pulse that the captured officers think of to reboot Data’s system is a bit too deus ex machina for me.

Picard’s interactions with Hugh, especially building up Hugh’s self-confidence after getting his self-confidence beat down by Admiral Nechayev, are great.

2 thoughts on “55: Descent (6.26, 7.01)”

  1. I almost certainly would’ve had this one a bit higher, but it’s probably not as good as I remember it being. I loved the callback to Hugh, and most of the episode (the Deus Ex Machina notwithstanding) felt very natural to me.

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