36: Disaster (5.05)

Synopsis:  Data’s head comes off.

Memory Alpha Summary: You may now give birth

Review: A very contrived episode, an homage to disaster movies, yet still very fun.  Riker carrying Data’s head around is freaking awesome.  Worf delivering a baby gives him a succession of great one-liners.  And Picard stuck in an elevator shaft with three young children is just ripe a situation as one can get.  Troi commanding the bridge was good for her character development, but not for Ro’s.  And I was annoyed by the Geordi/Beverly situation, especially because they inhale before decompressing the cargo bay.  Nobody on the writing team realized that carrying oxygen in your lungs when exposed to space is a bad idea?

I’m also shaking my head at Picard opening episodes with, “As we’ve finished early with x assignment, our wait for our next assignment will provide a nice respite for the crew.”  That just screams disaster right there.

I love the final scene when the kids present the captain with the plaque.  Heartstring city right there.

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