37: Booby Trap (3.06)

Synopsis: Geordi finally gets smooth with a lady.  She’s a hologram, but he totally nails it.

Memory Alpha Summary: I wonder what a hologram looks like through his visor.

Review: Geordi’s utter incompetence on a date is hilarious, and his sidebar comments about it throughout the episode are golden.  “Another woman who won’t get personal with me on the holodeck,” he tells the computer.  Love it.  And I love how he more or less falls in love with his own warp engines.  What a stud.  That said, Susan Gibney does a marvelous job at playing his holographic love interest.

Picard makes a fairly cold comment when told there is no life signs upon an ancient ship, expressing gratitude for it belongs in a museum.  Unfortunately, it winds up being destroyed without a fight with Indiana Jones regarding which museum.  Fortunately, Picard and O’Brien bond about making ships in bottles.  Man, do these guys know how to have a good time, or what?

I also love how Guinan explains to Geordi that physical attraction is the first thing that often matters when it comes to mating.  Good lesson.

Finally, Wesley’s expression when Picard relieves him of the conn is priceless.  “If we all die, it’s not my fault,” is what he is obviously thinking before stepping aside.  It might be Wheaton’s best acting on the series run.

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