35: Brothers (4.03)

Synopsis: Data’s asked to forgive Lore for trying to kill all of them.

Memory Alpha Summary: Will and Thomas Riker have a harder time with it

Review:  This is our third episode where Brent plays more than one version of himself, and this is easily the best one.  Not only does he play three different actors on screen, it never becomes painfully obvious, like say, Back to the Future II.  The scene where Data commandeers the ship, impersonating Picard, is brilliantly done.

I find it interesting that Data is okay receiving a computer chip from his creator in order to feel emotions and be more human, but is not okay with Q helping him become more human.

Money Quote by Lore:  Often Wrong’s got a broken heart.  Can’t even tell his boys apart.

5 thoughts on “35: Brothers (4.03)”

  1. This one never really did it for me. Honestly, I just thought Lore was so obvious in all of his episodes that I found his ability to play people irritating.

      1. That makes sense. Plus the best part was when Data was actually himself and taking control

  2. It always gets me how good the makeup for Soong was. Seems like a forgotten art.

    Also, while the series as a whole was pretty dismal, Spiner’s playing whichever Soong character in Enterprise made for a pretty decent episode arc.

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