9: Where Silence Has Lease (2.02)

Synopsis: The Enterprise meets Worf’s black space monster.

Memory Alpha Summary: And by monster I mean his anger.

Review: I love this episode, and it’s my favorite to this point in the series.  I don’t think most people share this view, but there’s just so much about it I think is magnificent.  The entire episode is littered with creepy but subtle music that really enhances the mood.  There are also some great sound effects when the probes disappear and when they drop the beacon.  There’s great imagery with the multiple bridges on the Yamato.  Emotions run high among the crew, but in a fairly realistic fashion, considering how they all do feel like rats in a laboratory experiment.

It’s very convenient that Wesley is nowhere to be seen when Nagilum decides to kill the officer at the conn.  Ah, well.  I also question how Troi is able to empathically sense Nagilum, when he is obviously so far advanced that he is almost god-like.  But at least she’s helpful.

My favorite part is when Picard makes the decision to destroy the ship (and I agree with him; it’s the only option, even if he wasn’t bluffing).  Data asks him what death means and Picard gives a very eloquent speech that sums up my views exactly.  Then, of course, comes one of the best quotes in the entire seven year run.

Picard:  Abort, auto-destruct sequence.
Computer:  Riker, William T., do you concur?
Riker:  Yes!  Absolutely!  I do indeed concur!  Whole-heartedly!

Of course, Riker shouldn’t have to concur for such an order, but it’s still fantastic.

5 thoughts on “9: Where Silence Has Lease (2.02)”

  1. This one never really struck my fancy. There’s some good philosophical talk in there, but it seems like the type of episode that would’ve been sharper in season 3 or 4.

    1. Oh, no doubt. The special effects would have been improved and I’m sure the script would have been tighter.

  2. Its so nice to see someone shares my views on this episode, I’ve read a few reviews and they all seem quite negative. Though I agree with them that it does seem to drag on the slightest bit making it better in a later season, and the the graphics were not at its best, it is still one of favorite of the series so far. I think the main reason is because of how Picard handles the situation, and how much I agree with it even if it was not a bluff. To choose self destruct rather than losing only half the crew is probably the most bold/ audacious thing I’ve seen Picard attempt so far, especially seeing as how he almost when through with it believing the fact they were let go by Nagilum was an bluff. Not to mention speech he give on death at the end was so beautifully put together. All in all happy to see someone shares my opinion on this episode.

  3. Still really like this one 20+ years later. I question their motivations for getting anywhere near it after what they witnessed before that, or for sending an away team to the Yamato, but whatever.

    The creepiest part of the episode is the beacon.

    Riker’s quote is right up there with the one from Shades of Grey.

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