Top 5 Original Songs From Video Games: Increased Chances

In preparation for the NES countdown, I decided to throw together a quick list.  This week we’ll be showcasing my favorite five original songs from video games I have played.  The only qualification is that the song had to be made solely for the game.  I’m not married to this list, and I may have missed some I love, but these are the five that stand out.


Song: Increased Chances
Artist:  Chitlins, Whiskey and Skirt
Game:  Full Throttle

The band The Gone Jackals lent nearly all of their music to this great adventure game from LucasArts and it really enhanced the game’s atmosphere.  But one little ditty about love blooming from nuclear holocaust–made just for the game as background music in a trailer park–always makes me smile.  The band doesn’t really exist to my knowledge and this was probably meant as a joke, but I still love it.

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