Top 5 Original Songs From Video Games: Still Alive


Song: Still Alive
Artist:  Ellen McLain
Game:  Portal

While the end game song for Portal 2 is pretty good, I honestly remember nothing about it despite listening to it a few times already.  The final song for the first game has stuck with me for a long time, and might honestly make my top 100 songs in all genres.  It’s gorgeous.  It’s creepy.  It’s catchy.

14 thoughts on “Top 5 Original Songs From Video Games: Still Alive”

    1. I’m surprised no comment from you on how the end credits song from Portal 2 should be here instead :)

      I’m sure there are many awesome songs I’ve never heard from modern video games I haven’t played.

      1. …and I’ll probably hit a quick top 15 next week to educate you on these things. (I tried to do ten, but wound up missing some songs that i really liked).

    1. That was the unfortunate part of my playthrough. I had heard this song a thousand times by the time I finally got my hands on Portal, so a little bit of the magic was lost – it could very well be why I like the second game’s ending song better.

  1. Whoa whoa whoa — the artist is Jonathan Coulton! Ellen was just the singer.

    I heard Jonathan perform it live when he opened for TMBG here in St. Louis. Wouldn’t be my top pick, but certainly a very high one.

    1. I need to give his other stuff a good solid listen. I’ve heard some of it, but none of it has resonated quite like the songs he did for the Portal games.

      1. I saw him perform live with John Hodgman long before either of them were anyone. Hodgman had just released his first book, and gave a reading to roughly 50 people crammed in a room that fit 30. Coulton played songs. They passed a bottle of whisky around to the crowd. It was not a professional tour. But it was a pretty magical night.

  2. I’ve listened to the songs that end both games about a jillion times since you posted this. So, they’ll be completely ruined for me when I finally play the Portal games.

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