84: Paperboy

Genre: Arcade

Developer: Atari
Publisher: Mindscape
Year: 1988

Basic Idea:  Deliver newspapers while avoiding rabid dogs, possessed tires, rolling pin wielding housewives, and the grim reaper.

Review: A completely ridiculous game that is nevertheless addicting.  While not that difficult to win, one can take the extra challenge of trying to keep as many subscriptions as possible by not missing any houses on your route.  The isometric view can be frustrating at times, but it really does test your reaction speed.  Hard to recommend, but it’s pretty much a perfect mindless game.

8 thoughts on “84: Paperboy”

  1. Until a couple of RPGs (by the same company, no less) took it over in the past six or seven years, this game held the title of “game I like the least that I’ve played the most.” I always got angry with this game and I hated the controls, but I wouldn’t. Stop. Playing it.

    1. Which RPGs?

      I don’t remember if I got angry with the controls or not. I can win the game so easily now that if I did have a problem with it, it’s long gone. I know the second game’s control were worse, making the game not addicting at all.

      I wonder if the pleasant ding! when hitting a mailbox fed the addiction.

      1. White Knight Chronicles and Rogue Galaxy. Both have hilariously awful writing, a mixed bag of voice actors and entirely too much to do (in a bad way. It isn’t sprawling, it’s just repetitive). I put over 200 hours into each. It was particularly easy with WKC, since the best part of it is the multiplayer that I was able to do with my brother. Those challenges showcased very little of the game’s horrible writing, and a lot of the game’s admittedly decent combat.

        Both of them also have a synthesis thing – where you combine two weapons or items to get a better one – and that is addicting as frick. I couldn’t stop, even when I knew how far I was from being able to synthesize certain items.

        I wonder if the pleasant ding! when hitting a mailbox fed the addiction.

        I’d buy that in a heartbeat. The sound you get when collecting bolts in Ratchet and Clank, the thud of steel on monster in Outland, even the CLING! of the trophy popping up during any game…I am addicted to one and all.

  2. did we rent this game or own it? I can’t recall, but I enjoyed playing this game, even though I pretty much sucked at it.

  3. This is one of the only video games I can get the wife to play (besides Rock Band). And, of course, she can’t get past the first day.

    This is vintage ’80s NES though. Everyone knew what you were talking about when you mentioned “Paperboy.”

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