82: Micro Machines

Genre: Racing

Developer: Codemasters
Publisher: Camerica
Year: 1991

Basic Idea:  Race three other cars on kitchen tables, pool tables, bathtubs, and other reasonable places.

Review: A lovely little game that easily wins the title of most original racing game on the NES.  The scenery is awesome (I believe the outlines of the racing track on the kitchen table are Cheerios) and game control is pretty fluid.  Scaling is done well, so despite the fact that it’s top-down, there’s a good sense of depth.  I’ve heard playing this game with other humans is a blast, which is something I hope to do at some point.

It would rank higher, except the tracks require a bit too much memorization for my taste; it is very difficult to tell what is coming up ahead.  Missing a jump and having to redo can be rather annoying on top of being a punishment.

One thought on “82: Micro Machines”

  1. I always wanted to play this one as a kid but didn’t. For whatever reason, we very rarely bought new games, as I just replayed games like Ninja Gaiden, Mega Man, Metroid and Trojan ad infinitum. For playing other games, I was at the mercy of being at friends’ houses.

    This is one I’d actually consider firing up an emulator for.

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