77: Nintendo World Cup

Genre: Soccer

Developer: Technos
Publisher: Nintendo
Year: 1990

Basic Idea:  Play soccer with the guys from River City Ransom.

Review: I think every game Technos made had the same cartoonish blocky guys, sports or otherwise.  Somehow, it always seems to work to a degree.  This game was made for the 4 player-adapter, though I never played it that way.  It’s basically arcade fun, with the ability to play on different surfaces (stone and ice, e.g.) and hurt other players so badly that they’ll be removed the game, giving you an advantage.  There’s also diving headers and bicycle kicks!

If you’re going to go silly, you have to go all the way, and Technos did that while still providing reasonable enough control to make play smooth.  Nintendo World Cup did for soccer on the NES what Arch Rivals and Base Wars could not for their respective sports.

5 thoughts on “77: Nintendo World Cup”

    1. I had already forgotten this made your countdown. It’s definitely fun, and I could make an argument for it being Top 50 on the NES, depending on my mood. If I had had more opportunities to play it co-op, perhaps.

  1. We’re still knee-deep in games I know about but didn’t play. NES has to be the system that I played the most with the least amount of variety.

    For this one, I suppose it was my general apathy toward soccer that lingered until about 2007, though the first time I ever played a soccer vid in 4-player (FIFA ’96 on the…NeoGeo, or something? It was something that didn’t do all that well) it was a freaking load of fun. I’m not into gaming online because it’s so full of boneheads…sometimes I just want to buy my favorite games for my friends just because I know I’ll get $100 of fun or more out of it, and the two copies would be worth it.

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