56: Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers

Genre: Platformer

Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Year: 1990

Basic Idea: Throw apples–or better yet, your partner–around on your way to defeat Fat Cat.

Review: If Capcom knew how to do one thing, it was platformers.  They also knew how to handle a license.  This is a very simple game, with minutely-detailed but sharp graphics.  It’s also quite easy for experienced gamers (but not so easy to be insulting).  A lot of the fun comes in the co-op mode.  After getting used to knowing where your partner is, you can team up in some hilarious ways, including throwing each other around.  And, if you get tired of helping each other out, you can purposely kill each other in order to nab the best items.

The game could have been longer, but it did make for a perfect rental back in the day.

15 thoughts on “56: Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers”

  1. I absolutely loved this game – we’re talking top 15 on the series. The Fat Cat boss fight is very epic and memorable (not real difficult, but the scope of it is awesome), I remember some of the music tracks to this day and, indeed, multiplayer was fun as hell. My brother and I probably beat this about twenty times.

    1. Now make sure to make snide comments from here on out. “I can’t believe you rank this above Rescue Rangers!” This list has been too nice

  2. I, too, have fond memories of playing this one with my brother. It was a repeat rental for us. I also remember finding what was obviously an NES game for my (I think) 8th birthday, maybe 9th, that I managed to get a corner of the wrapping paper opened. I couldn’t see what game it was, but for some reason I was convinced, and excited, that it was this one. It was not, and I don’t even remember what game it was anymore.

    1. Bugger!

      I’d like to point out that in your mind you’re pronouncing the system N-E-S, while I tend to read it as “Ness” so it was awkward when you put ‘an’ behind it. I wonder which of us is in the majority.

  3. Looking at screenshots of the game, this is one I played quite a bit. Unfortunately, I was too young for the NES and so rarely/never beat the games we had, this one included.

  4. I remember owning this game and playing it a lot, but I don’t think I ever beat it or even got particularly far. Weird.

    1. Cage, if you have an emulator, it still holds up fairly well. It’s difficult by today’s standards, too, which I always appreciate in a platformer.

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