48: Pinball Quest

Genre: Pinball/RPG

Developer: Jaleco
Publisher: Jaleco
Year: 1990

Basic Idea: Earn gold to buy better stoppers and flippers, advance through levels, defeat bosses, and save the princess!

Review: While there are three regular pinball games on this cartridge, pinball is insanely dull on game consoles.  The highlight here is the RPG where you must save the princess.  Each level is unique, as you may find yourself fighting turtles, zombies, and other minions in the pinball lair.  Not only can you buy upgrades, you can also steal from the shopkeeper (at a price!).  It can be a bit frustrating when your ball drops a level, requiring you to start over, but it’s never unfair and it gives the game some challenge.  As it stands, the RPG portion can be won in about twenty minutes to an hour.  But I still come back and play it every couple years or so, which is why it ranks so high.

5 thoughts on “48: Pinball Quest”

  1. While there are three regular pinball games on this cartridge, pinball is insanely dull on game consoles.

    Actually, I couldn’t agree less on that point. I played the hell out of Alien Crush, Devil’s Crush, some fun pinball game on SNES and am currently playing Marvel Pinball on my Vita. I’m pretty in love with pinball wherever I can get it.

    Impossibly, I didn’t know about this pinball RPG. I don’t even know how that’s possible.

    1. I did enjoy Pinball Wizard, a PC Booter in the mid 80’s, as you could create your own machine. And I have played a couple pinball games on consoles that didn’t bore me, but they have to be meticulously designed to hold my attention longer than five minutes. I’ll check out Alien Crush.

    2. Man, it’s probably been 10 years now, but downloaded a pinball emulator back then. That had some fun games. You could play real-life classics like Eight Ball Deluxe, Cyclone, etc.

      Then there were some user made ones, like really addictive soccer game and a creepy Aliens (the movie).

      1. I love playing 8-ball Deluxe on the PC, but that port is so good it feels like I’m playing on the pinball machine. The mechanics are amazing.

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