Play With The Prose II, Challenge 2: Journal

In week 2 we had to write an entry from a diary or a journal.  I was contestant #1 again.

Sunday (I think)

I am at the breaking point. I do my boss’s dirty work and get none of the glory. I’ve been working for him for what seems like an eternity, but now I’ve fallen down the ranks.  If ourmeeting today goes poorly, my office might just go up in flames.


God is not pleased.

MATTHEW: Both of these are compelling, and the trickery of #1 doesn’t bother me as much as a reveal this cheeky sometimes does. Interesting how they both end in four word sentences starting with God. I guess in the end, #2 feels a bit more compelling to me, and it handles its exposition well without over-explaining. WINNER: #2

NOVAK – Well we’ve started on a strong foot here.  #1 is a tight little story.  I appreciate the heck out of playful, pun-filled stories.  #2 is amazing.  “bears his condition” is the phrase that makes this entry for me, bring me authentically to this place and time.  To do that so effectively in such short order?  Wow.  Apologies to #1, but I give the win to #2.

ANDY – Well, I like both of these quite a bit. I feel more like I’m there in #2, so, #2.

I liked this a little better than my first story, and felt I would have placed in the top half of the 16 competitors this week.  But I went up against the beast that is Christina Pepper and got beat handily.

Result v. Christina PepperLOSS (0-3)

Current Record: 0-2

Next Match-Up: Melissa D (1-1).

I am highly motivated to beat my co-worker.

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