31: Adventures of Lolo 2 & 3

Genre: Puzzle

Developer: HAL
Publisher: HAL
Year: 1990,1991

Basic Idea: Add hand-eye coordination to your crazy difficult puzzles.

Review: It’s impossible to review these games without also reviewing the first or revealing that the first game will rank higher on the list.  So, there you go.  If you haven’t played any of these games, the basic idea is as such: collect all the hearts in a room to open up the treasure chest which has a button that will open the door.  Rinse and repeat.  On each level there will be various enemies that get in your way.  Some just literally stand in your way.  Some will breath fireballs that you have to dodge. Some kill you instantly if you walk within their line of sight.  There are others as well, but you get the idea.

So why are these two games ranked lower?  Their graphics are somewhat better than the first game, and the third game adds some boss battles.  The third game even has an overworld map and a partner who has the exact same abilities and is only there for…well, I don’t know.  Thing is, these are just frills that were added.  The main issue I take with the final two games is that so many more puzzles involve agility.  There’s nothing more annoying that knowing exactly how to escape a room but not being able to do it because you can’t move fast enough.  And since the play control isn’t that fantastic, it just makes some levels needlessly frustrating.

Both games are still fun and definitely worth playing if you enjoyed the first game.  If you don’t enjoy the first game, however,  there’s nothing to see here that will change your mind.

One thought on “31: Adventures of Lolo 2 & 3”

  1. I can’t remember enough of it to distinguish between one and two, but I do remember the overworld map and partner and wondering why they added that. I think I finished two, but only played a couple on three before losing interest or maybe it was the agility issues. The only puzzle I skipped on the first one involved perfection, which was not possible on the keyboard or with crappy D-pads.

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