Play With The Prose II, Challenge 9: Joke

This week we had to tell a joke, or rewrite a joke.  Or something.  Not sure, really.  Anyway, I was contestant #1.

At the last bar in town it felt welcome, the string sat mournfully by the fire, nursing a beer.  It used to be that cheekily shouting “I’m a frayed knot!” would bring laughs, maybe a drink on the house.  Now its usefulness was gone.  After taking one final soak in its Heineken, the string flung itself into the fire.

MATTHEW: Aww. I like story 1! So much pathos for the brief life of a string. And that joke is one of my all-time favorites. But I’m going to give the edge in this week’s competition to folks who actually tried to tell or craft a joke, and that’s absolutely what happened in story 2. It was pretty good too! WINNER: #2

ANDY: I like both of these a lot. Very clever. I enjoyed the matter-of-fact punchline in the second one, so that’s my winner.

Novak – I can tell I’m going to love this challenge.  It might get old by the end, but I’m enjoying it now.  #1 turns in a nice story, and I like putting the joke in the middle for some reason.   I want to reward the creativity of #2, but in this case I feel like the writing is crisper in #1, so #1 wins.

Result vs. Ian Pratt: LOSS (1-2)

Current Record: 5-4

Next Match-Up: Colin Woolston (2-7)

I really dug the idea I came up with, but I’m not entirely sure it was executed as well as it could have been.  At least I lost to guy who has yet to lose to anyone this season.  Hopefully, I can get a rematch in the playoffs.  I’m now alone in 7th place, looking up at three people who are 6-3.

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