Play With The Prose II, Challenge 11: Mall Santa

So, this week our challenge was to write a 59-word story about a mall Santa.  I misread the prompt and wrote a story about the mythical Santa.  Let’s see what happened.

Leaving Old Country Buffet, Santa continued his search for an heir.  Many a naughty girl had received the gift of his jolly seed, but the offspring refused to come north when they became of age.  Where could he find a woman willing to send her child away, never to return?  Passing an Army recruiting office, he got an idea.

MATTHEW: Both of you should be disgusted with yourselves. In the best way. What tips this one for me is the fact that at this point, neither story is all that surprising, despite the inherent surprise behind a complaining Santa and a lecherous Santa…except for the addition of the Army recruiting office at the end of Story 2. I don’t know exactly where it’d go from there, but I like the possibilities. WINNER: #2

Novak –  #2 is a funny dilemma.  Heck, it’s just funny (OCB, etc.).  And I’m glad there’s some semblance of resolution too, as it would have fallen short without that.  #2 wins.

ANDY: Oooh, tough one. Frankly, I’m surprised it took this long to get a “naughty Santa” story. I get the sense that the Santa in #2 is the real Santa, and not a department store Santa. Does he just think he’s the real Santa? . I think I’m going to give this one to #2 in a close call.

Result vs. Will YoungWIN (3-0)

Current Record: 7-4

Next Match-Up: Pete Bruzek (2-9)

So, my horny and lonely Santa turned into a rapist Santa when he’s interpreted to be a mall Santa. Either way, it was well received.  Not my favorite entry of the year, but I felt the gags worked just enough.  As of this writing, I would be in the playoffs if the season ended today.  Four weeks left, with the final three being against contestants in 1st, 3rd, and 7th place, so it’s crunch-time.

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