Play With The Prose II, Challenge 12: Un-English

This week we had to write a 59-word story with a character that didn’t speak any English.

Mandi gave it her best, moaning and writhing at the appropriate moments.  She was nervous.  It was her first porn scene, and without a good performance in Sweden, she’d never make big money in L.A.  Her partner was a veteran, but she took the lead.  “Talk dirty to me!” Mandi panted.

“Yorn desh born de umn bork! bork! bork!”

MATTHEW: Oh man, story 2. Nice little set-up there. I didn’t see any of it coming, no pun intended. I wasn’t blown away by either story, but #1 had more interesting stuff going for it. WINNER: #1

ANDY: Nice job, you two. I really enjoyed both. This is going to be another tough one. I mean really, how do compare drama and comedy. I was going to give the win to #1, who really painted a nice scene and gave us a neat, compact story. But I can’t stop laughing at the Swedish Chef in a porno. Sorry. Winner: #2.

Novak – #2 got me laughing pretty  Playing to me with the Muppets there… I even read it out loud to my wife (who can resist a chance to do the Swedish Chef voice?).  It’s solid comedy.  #2 wins.

Result vs. Pete BruzekWIN (2-1)

Current Record: 8-4

Next Match-Up: Erik S (8-4)

So I had several ideas that I tossed around and none of them worked.  So my wife says, “How about the Swedish Chef?”  And I reply, “How about the Swedish Porn Chef?”  I couldn’t resist, and it looks like a couple of the judges couldn’t either.

I’m tied with two others for third place, but there are three more just one win behind, so no resting on my laurels.

One thought on “Play With The Prose II, Challenge 12: Un-English”

  1. This story brought a big smile to my face! And of course, a little sadness, too, that I unknowingly introduced my children to a porn star at such a tender young age.

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