16: Super Spike V’Ball

Genre: Volleyball

Developer: Technos
Publisher: Nintendo
Year: 1990

Basic Idea: Kaboom!

Review: One of our loyal readers has a perhaps unwarranted obsession with Nintendo World Cup, another game by Technos.  Both games were designed for use with Nintendo’s four-player adapter and came out in the same year.  For some reason, Technos decided against using their blocky looking dudes for Super Spike V’Ball, which is probably a blessing.

My intense love for this game is based almost entirely on multi-player.  Using the standard rules of beach volleyball, you have the choice of four different teams, all with different abilities.  There are two tournaments to play through, the world tour considerably more difficult.  My friend Nick and I spent nearly a half-year obsessively playing this game until we mastered it, and we still occasionally come back to it.

What makes this better than your average volleyball game are the little touches that make winning a point satisfying as hell.  The sound effects are just the right pitch and are supplemented with Batman-like phrases.  Using a power spike not only provides a very satisfying whoosh, but if timed right can send the opposing player flying into the stands if they try to block it.  You can also direction your spikes to try and hit ’em where they ain’t.  Quick spikes (hitting the ball while it’s still going up) are also possible; they’re risky, but deadly.  But perhaps the best part is that the CPU is actually difficult.

I never got a chance to play this with more than two players, but I can only imagine how awesome that would be.

11 thoughts on “16: Super Spike V’Ball”

  1. Here’s another good game with a stupid name. Has anyone ever said “V’Ball” outside of when they were referring to this?

    I’ve only played this the one time – with you – but it was fun.

  2. I’ve never played this one. Based on your glowing recommendation, and the fact that it’s by the company responsible for the best Soccer game of all time, I’m going to check it out.

  3. I think we were introduced to this game by Joe the umpire at little league. Didn’t he have the multiplayer adapter or were we all only taking turns at 2 player? Regardless, very fun game.

  4. Beau and I played this game over the net 5 states away. The netplay hiccups while battling the Navy made it a worthy challenge. I come back to this one in single player every now and then, but the CPU teammate only provides the bump up so you can spike. The fun is thinking you are going to lose the point but your human teammate spikes it out of nowhere. High fives all around after a 20+ point win. Beau, didn’t you have our victory screen against the Navy as your desktop background for a while?

      1. I’ve been reading some, but hadn’t registered to comment. By the way, the wife laughs every time there is a victory in this game because she claims that the 2 “v’ball” teammates look gay when they are jumping for joy…

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