Play With The Prose II, Challenge 14: Tall Tale

This we had to write a tall-tale in 59 words, using an existing or a new hero.

Mark loaded Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.  “My daddy says a long time ago, a man named Lance Flamebucket visited Native Americans.  Because of his lisp, they didn’t understand his teachings about property rights, but were mesmerized by his sparkly diamond jewelry.”

Ricky grabbed his controller. “And that’s why Indians like beads and trinkets?”

“Yup,” Mark replied.  “And casinos!”

MATTHEW: Huh. I don’t know, Story 2, that felt kind of weak. I can kind of see a couple of kids having this conversation, but it didn’t really formulate a nice, compact fable or tall tale like Story 1 did.  WINNER: #1

ANDY: These both employ a healthy dose of quirky humor, which I enjoyed a lot. They both give us a nice window into the wonderful inanity that kids make up or mishear. I think #2 was a little clearer and straightforward in its execution, so I’m giving it the narrow win. #2.

Novak – #2 is quite imaginative.  I’m not quite sure what the video gaming has to do with anything though.  Lot of words wasted on the game title…

Result vs. Sarah Johnson: LOSS (1-2)

Current Record: 9-5

Next Match-Up: Kelly Wells (8-6)

The reason I used the video game I did was that I wanted to point out the contrast of this kid’s father, who is racist and homophobic, with allowing his sons to play one of the most inappropriate games on the market for a child to play.  Still, it was awkward, and probably not necessary.  Not my best effort.

One week to go!  I can make the playoffs if I beat Kelly.  If I lose, I can still make it if someone else loses.


3 thoughts on “Play With The Prose II, Challenge 14: Tall Tale”

  1. sorry you lost this round, Beau . . . keeping my fingers crossed you’ll win the next one! And sorry Kelly, but I hope your story against Beau’s sucks, and Beau’s against yours rocks! :} No offense, that is just a Mom talking!

    1. No worries. You wouldn’t be Mom if you didn’t feel this way.

      My impression this round is that neither of our stories suck. They are very, very different, so I’m guessing this is a “catch judges in a mood” kind of situation.

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